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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there Wi-Fi in the room?
  2. Is there air-conditioning?
  3. Are there pots and pans?
  4. Does each unit have a hair dryer?
  5. Are there beach chairs and umbrellas to take to the beach?
  6. What restrictions are there on use of the chairs and chaise lounges?
  7. Are there barbecue grills?
  8. Can I smoke in my unit?
  9. Are the mattresses comfortable?
  10. Can you push the murphy beds in units #17 &/or #19 together?
  11. When is check-in and checkout?
  12. Is there a checkout process?
  13. Can we checkout late?
  14. Q: What if we arrive early?
  15. Are there security deposits or cleaning fees?
  16. We will be arriving late at night. Will someone be there?
  17. When do I pay?
  18. What if I cancel? What if I postpone?
  19. Will there be red tide?
  20. Where is the Beachcomber?
  21. Where is a particular unit located?
  22. Why the differences in unit features?
  23. How do I check what units are available for any date?
  24. Why is availability only shown for about 11 months into the future? Is this a Time-Share?
  25. What if I need to change arrival or departure dates?
  26. What if I want to change which unit has been reserved?
  27. Can I pre-pay in installments?
  28. Are pets allowed?
  29. What is my unit's phone number?
  30. Is phone use free?
  31. Do you have laundry facilities?
  32. What housekeeping services do you provide?
  33. Are there special rules for pool use?
  34. What parking is available?
  35. Q: What's the Turtle Ordinance all about?
  36. Is there anyone to help with luggage?
  37. Do you recycle?
  38. What amenities do you offer?
  39. Are all Units for Rent?
  40. Why the Minimum Stay policy?

  1. Q: Is there Wi-Fi in the room?
    A: Yes. All units and common areas have access to free high-speed Wi-Fi (B/G/N). Computers equipped with N-capable adapters will have the highest connection speeds, but G adapters will work well for most tasks. We also have free wired ethernet connections and cables available in the lobby. Use of our eithernet connected computer and printer in the lobby is also free of charge to our guests. back

  2. Q: Is there air-conditioning?
    A: Yes, all units have central heating and cooling except our efficiency, which has has a window unit. You control the thermostat. back

  3. Q: Do units have pots and pans?
    A: Yes. All units have fully equipped kitchens, including pots and pans, a microwave, a conventional stove and oven, cookware, cooking utensils, dishes, glasses, mugs, and silverware. back

  4. Q: Does each unit have a hair dryer?
    A: Yes. There is a hairdryer in each bathroom. back

  5. Q: Are beach chairs, umbrellas, etc. available that can be taken on the beach?
    A: Usually. There are beach chairs, umbrellas, floats, pool noodles, sand buckets, shovels, etc. Please feel free to use any of these items. We only ask that, after use, items be rinsed free of sand and returned to their racks or toy boxes. back

  6. Q: Are there restrictions on the use of chairs and chaise lounges?
    A: We invite guests to freely use all of the seating, but ask that chairs and lounges remain on Beachcomber grounds and not be carried onto the beach. Each unit has two outside chairs that are intended only to be used by their corresponding residence. In order to keep the community functioning in top form, we ask that chairs and lounges from common areas be kept only in common areas, and not be moved onto individual porches/balconies or into the fenced pool area. Additionally, when using sunscreen, please use a towel to protect seating surfaces. back

  7. Q: Are there barbecue grills?
    A: Yes. There are three charcoal grills. Please bring your own charcoal and lighter. back

  8. Q: Can I smoke in my unit?
    A: WE ARE A TOBACCO-FREE  FACILITY (THE USE OF CIGARS, CIGARETTES, E-CIGARETTES, AND CHEWING TOBACCO ARE NOT PERMITTED in ANY UNIT or ON THE PROPERTY - this includes balconies, parking lots, common areas, in front of, or behind the building. Smoking, vaping and use of chewing tobacco is now and will continue to be permitted on the public Beach. back

  9. Q: Are the mattresses comfortable?
    Yes. Mattresses are replaced when needed. We welcome your feedback. back

  10. Q: Can you push the Murphy beds in units #17 and #19 together?
    A: Unfortunately, they are anchored to the walls and cannot be moved. back

  11. Q: When is check-in and checkout?
    A: Check-in is at 3:00 PM and checkout is at 10:00 AM. back

  12. Q: Is there a checkout process?
    A: There is no formal checkout procedure, but we encourage and greatly appreciate the use of suggestion cards. There is a card drop-box in the lobby. back

  13. Q: Can we checkout late?
    A: In general, we try to be as accommodating as possible, but late checkouts have to be approved in advance by the manager. This policy is related to our housekeeping procedures, and allows for the housekeepers to have adequate time to clean and prepare for the next guests, who frequently arrive at 3 PM on the same day. back

  14. Q: What if we arrive early?
    A: Check-in is at 3 p.m. If you do arrive early and your unit has been cleaned and readied for occupancy, you may occupy it at that time. Otherwise, the unit cannot be occupied until the housekeeper has completed her duties. back

  15. Q: Are there Security Deposits or Cleaning Fees?
    A. No. Your stay is all-inclusive and there are absolutely no extras or hidden fees. Housekeeping services are included. Units #1 & 12 include unlimited local & long distance within US & Canada phone service while other units include only local phone service. A 25% deposit is required to confirm a reservation and this amount is credited to you at the time of check-in. Housekeeping gratuities are not required, yet are greatly appreciated - but do not leave as cash in vacated unit. See our no-hassle cancellation policy. back

  16. Q: We will be arriving late at night. Will someone be there?
    A: Many guests arrive after our manager has left for the day. If you will be arriving late in the day, please let us know beforehand and we'll leave your room open and place keys inside. If any payment is due, we'll make arrangements for the next business day. back

  17. Q: When do I pay?
    A. Full payment is due at the time of check-in or on the next business day if you arrive in the evening. We accept payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Please refer to our complete Terms of Rental for extra information. back

  18. Q: What if I cancel? What if I postpone?
    A: Please refer to our no-hassle cancellation policy. Deposits can be carried forward (no fee) or returned if we have been notified within the cancellation time limit. Outside of the cancellation time limit, deposits must remain attached to the original unit. We will make every effort to accommodate you. back

  19. Q: Will there be red tide?
    A: Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to predict when red tides will occur. Please call ahead or check on the internet for current conditions and more information about the varied effects of these natural events. Red tides are covered under one of our "special exceptions" in the no-hassle cancellation policy. Remember also that you can always carry-forward your deposit. back

  20. Q: Where is the Beachcomber?
    A: We are located directly on the Gulf of Mexico, on Venice island, about a mile south of the Historic Venice downtown area. Our address is 720 Golden Beach Boulevard, Venice FL 34285. Please see the maps and travel directions section for more information. back

  21. Q: Where is a particular unit located?
    A: Please refer to our Bldg.Layout button on our Photos/Features page. Units 1-10 are on the ground floor and 11-20 are on the second floor. Unit 11 is directly about unit 1, unit 12 is directly above unit 2, etc. There are several sets of stairs, but unfortunately no elevators. back

  22. Q: Why the differences in unit features?
    A: The Beachcomber is a condominium, an association of many owners. Although we have standardized some elements, such as housekeeping, tile floors, towels, etc., each individual owner is responsible for furnishing their own condo, which we feel helps to establish an atmosphere and personality unique to each unit. back

  23. Q: How do I check what units are available for any date?
    A: Our online availability calendar has many features to assist your vacation planning. The page opens to display the current month plus the next few months, but the display can be customized to show only select units, unit types, or other date ranges. back

  24. Q: Why is availability only shown for about 11 months into the future? Is this a Time-Share?
    A: Our policy of giving existing renters the opportunity to rebook the same unit for the same time during the following year makes our regulars feel they "own" the unit without the hassle, obligation, or expense of purchasing and maintaining a vacation property. It really is like owning a time-share by default. Although we cannot guarantee availability, we encourage our guests to rebook their existing unit the following year before departure to take advantage of this offer.


  25. Q: What if I need to change arrival or departure dates?
    A: This happens frequently and we'll do our best to accommodate any changes. Please call or email. back

  26. Q: What if I want to change which unit has been reserved?
    A: We will do our very best to work with guests in order to reach suitable arrangements. In an effort to maintain fairness between owners, deposit returns may be conditionally approved, based upon ability to re-rent and how much advance notice you give. Please refer to our cancellation policy for further information. back

  27. Q: Can I pre-pay in installments?
    A: Yes. Several of our guests have chosen this method of payment. back

  28. Q: Are pets allowed?
    A: No. Pets are NOT allowed on premises. back

  29. Q: What is my unit's phone number?
    A: Phone numbers for each unit can be found in the blue welcome book or call our office. back

  30. Q: Is phone use free?
    A: All units provide unlimited local & long distance calling within US & Canada as well as room-to-room. back

  31. Q: Do you have laundry facilities?
    A. Yes. The laundry room is located on the first floor and the detergent is provided for free, although the machines require quarters to operate. There are two washers and two dryers, and we only ask that clothing be removed from the machines in a timely manner, so that they are available to all guests. The housekeepers use the machines to wash towels and linen. Sometimes they're all done with them by noon, occasionally they are still doing laundry until into the evening. back

  32. Q: What housekeeping services do you provide?
    A: Daily Housekeeping is not provided. Fresh towels are provided if your stay is longer than 3 days, A housekeeping service is also provided every week, based upon arrival dates, and includes fresh linens, bathroom cleaning and restocking, and vacuuming/washing all floors but does not include dusting, cleaning dishes, or counters. All of these services are included at no additional charge. back

  33. Q: Are there special rules for pool use?
    A: The pool is a great place to soak up the famous Florida sunshine. Safety is a top priority for the Beachcomber community, so we ask that guests follow a few guidelines. There is no lifeguard on duty, so swimming is considered an "at your own risk" activity. Parents must be responsible for their children at all times. Diving, running, glass containers, and lounge chairs are not allowed in the fenced pool area. Please remove all toys, swim rings, floats, etc. from the pool after use and remember to only unhook the float line when swimming laps. Shower poles are provided to rinse off sand. back

  34. Q: What parking is available?
    A: The parking area provides space for one car per apartment. Trailers and oversize vehicles should park in the street, where there is adequate space for extended lengths. In order to make sure that all guests have access to a parking space, please request that visitors park along the street. back

  35. Q: What's the Turtle Ordinance all about?
    A: Turtle nesting season begins May 1st and runs through October 31st. During this time, our shell wielding friends journey back to their home beaches, 90% of which are located in Florida, and lay eggs that start hatching the beginning of July. Hatchlings use moonlight reflecting off of water to find their way to the water and artificial light sources can confuse them. Luckily, amber and yellow light doesn't attract hatchlings, so exterior areas have been fitted with special "legal" lights. Furthermore, Federal ordinances dictate that interior lights not be visible from dusk until dawn during this season, and compliance officers walk beaches at night looking for stray lights and issuing citations. We ask that tenants be responsible for preventing light leakage and make sure that doors, shades, and blinds are closed each night and avoid using flash photography or flashlights on the beach at night. Additionally, it is a violation of federal law to touch or otherwise disturb a turtle, nest, or hatchling ... and they might bite :) [See also: Amazing Video of a Hatch  &  Mote Sea Turtle Program]   back

  36. Q: Is there anyone to help with luggage?
    A: No. However, a two-wheeled hand truck is available in the lobby. Please keep in mind that there are no elevators. back

  37. Q: Do you recycle?
    A: Yes. We provide a dumpster for refuse and bins for recyclable items. The first bin is for paper, while the second and third bins are for glass, aluminum, and plastic. Please put even large items in the dumpster to minimize trash pickup charges. back

  38. Q: What amenities do you offer?
    A: For a list of amenities, please refer to this page. Also, our links page offers suggestions relating to local restaurants and Venice area activities, and a binder in the lobby contains local restaurant menus recommended by guests. Local businesses keep our lobby stocked with attraction brochures as well. back

  39. Q: Are all Units for Rent?
    A: All 18 units at the Beachcomber in Venice are available for rent ... two 3-bedroom, one 2-bedroom, eleven 1-bedroom, three studios, and one efficiency unit. Two of the owners have requested their units be rented to Adults Only (Units#16 & 20). back

  40. Q: Why the Minimum Stay policy?
    A: At issue is the cost of cleaning the apartment to ready it for the next stay. back

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